Seagull Music 040448

12″ Vinyl LP:

Robert Julian HORKY & Dick SELLS
Journey To Ixtlan

12″ Vinyl LP: 1984 | A | Seagull Music 040448

recorded live: Wolfgang Zwirn

Cover Art: Angela Berann ©VBK Wien
Label Design: Marianne Nürnberger

all music composed, performed and produced: © Robert Julian Horka / Dick Sells

Robert Julian HORKY & Dick SELLS

Robert Julian Horky (bass flute, alto flute, soprano flute, Indian alto wood flute, Chinese bamboo flute, voice)
Dick Sells (bass [- Ibanes Roadster fretless bass, chromwound strings by Dr. Thomastik-Infeld], Tibetan temple bells)

A1. part 1: Lying In Wait For The Nagual Whispers (08:58)
A2. part 2: Where Are You Bound For ? (07:47)
A3. part 3: Realm Of Heart (05:19)


B1. part 4: See The Jungle Within (09:07)
B2. part 5: Path Of Virtue (06:28)
B3. part 6: Facing The Eagle (04:34)
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