Not on Lable: Beetle

5″ CD:

O 5
The Beetle

5″ CD: 1999 | A | Not on Lable: Beetle

recorded + mastered: WUK-Musik offenes Tonstudio

O 5
Christoph Konrad (drums, keyboard, percussion)
Georg Schmidhuber (bassguitar, vocals)
Heinz Pöcher (leadguitar, vocals)
Oliver Damms (rhythmguitar, vocals)

Special Thanks:
Andreas Glazmaier (trumpet)
Michael Kotay (sax)
Robert Lisle (pos)
Michaela Grimm (background-vocals)
Claudia Lorenz (background-vocals)

written, produced and arranged: O5

01. The Beetle (03:18)
02. How Low Is Low (02:51)
03. The Beetle-Remix (04:15)
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